Reforging The Cornerstone Of The Blockchain World

CanonChain will be triggered from the protocol layer and the chipset layer of data communications to provide a robust foundation for the entire blockchain industry.

The pursuit of inclusiveness and relative fairness is the target of CanonChain.

ERC20 token CZR is now open to be transfered to the mainnet

CanonChain will be triggered from the protocol layer and the chip layer of the communication to provide a robust foundation for the entire blockchain industry.


    We have established the basic protocol for the Fog Networking and implemented a new consensus mechanism via a specially designed blockchain chipset that truly fulfill the transactional capability requirements of dApps at the chip-level


    Our Buckyball topology architecture will support the decentralized characteristics of DeOSes (Decentralized Operating Systems) and Dapps (Decentralized Applications) operations, by reaching consensus on fragmented self-autonomous network.


    Operating on the main chain and application chain of CanonChain. When the blockchain and network resources are being contributed or used in different levels of applications and blockchain nodes, a standard measure is required, which is known as Xuanchi CZR.

Technical Characteristics

  • PoP Consensus Algorithm

    Proof of participation consensus with democracy, fairness and security

  • Ledger Of Things

    Brand new transport layer linking things in the world

  • Massive Processing Capacity

    Millions of TPS trading capabilities and even more with scalability

  • Open Source Hardware Design

    Easy access to weak hardware devices such as terminals

  • Abundant Application Scenarios

    Covers micro-payment, cloud storage, vehicle network and DeOS etc.

Roadmap Of CanonChain

Team of CanonChain

  • Sichao Yang

    Yang Sichao

    CanonChain co-founder and core team member

    Dr. Yang got his Ph.D in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and M.S. in Department of Mathematics both from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His Ph.D. research is on resource allocation and optimization in distributed networks.

    Dr. Yang was a senior staff engineer in Qualcomm Inc. (NASDAQ: QCOM), the world's leading wireless communications chip and service provider. He was one of the key contributors to the design and development of the 4th generation mobile communications LTE chip. He also served as a technical lead in Qualcomm's research on vehicular network and autonomous driving, and holds many invention patents.

    Dr. Yang has publications on top journals and his work has been cited by world renowned scholar worldwide including MIT, Stanford University, and University of Cambridge, etc. (Google scholar shows the current total number of citations is over 500); he was a reviewer for Mathematics of Operations Research, IEEE Transaction on Networking, Games and Economics Behavior and scientificand other magazines.

    He was an adjunct professor at Rutgers University.
  • avatar

    Jin Hailong

    Founder of CanonChain, Practitioner of Blockchain-based Fog Networking

    Founder of the first domestic third-party payment platform

    Committee Member of China payment industry experts in China E-Commerce Association; Founder of “Page-level Searching” - precision keyword marketing software, installed capacity of over 30 million units, while online more than 6 million

    Founder of Zhejiang Sodao Network Technology Co., Ltd., The country's largest organization of internet celebrities with annual turnover of over 500 million

    Founder of WiFiSONG. The company has leading-edge influence in areas such as smart WiFi, iBeacon

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    Li Chong

    Chong Li is Chief Architect and Head of Research at Canonchain. He is also an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia University (in the City of New York). He was a staff engineer at Qualcomm Research.

    Dr. Li received a Ph.D degree from Iowa State University and a B.E degree from Harbin Institute of Technology, both in Electrical Engineering. He is a holder of 200+ U.S. patents (granted and pending). Dr. Li has published many technical papers on top- ranking journals, including Proceedings of the IEEE, IEEE trans. on Information Theory, Automatica, etc. He has also served as reviewer and technical program committee for most prestigious journals and conferences in communications and control society. He is the author of the book ``Reinforcement Learning for Cyber-physical Systems’‘.

    Dr. Li has broad research interests including information theory, machine learning, networked control and communication, PYH/MAC system design for advance telecommunication technologies (5G and beyond)

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    Zhang Lei

    Lei Zhang is the Chief Scientist at Canonchain. He is also an adjunct professor at Columbia University in New York City. Dr. Zhang Lei is mainly responsible for the consensus mechanism of CZR and steer the future development of Canonchain project.

    Dr. Zhang got his from Tsinghua University in China and Ph.D. degree from Northwestern University in U.S. Before joining, Dr. Zhang was a staff engineer at Qualcomm Research and Development and a technical lead in autonomous driving team. Dr. Zhang won the Chinese Mathematical Olympiad gold medal in high school and was a member of the National Mathematics Olympic team. He served as a reviewer for the most prestigious international journals and conferences in information theory society and communications society. His paper “Capacity of Gaussian channels with duty cycle and power constraints” was awarded the best Student Paper Award of the 2011 International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT).

    Dr. Zhang Lei's main research areas include blockchain, information theory, artificial intelligence, and computer vision.

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    Joe Thong

    Co-founder of CanonChain

    Malaysian, MBA

    Co-founder of Popify, Twinova and Thor Capital

    Worked with Samsung, SAP, Total, Fiji Tourism Board and other Fortune 500 companies

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    Shan Zhihao

    China’s first writer of Internet local laws and regulations

    Former Secretary-General of Hangzhou Internet Security Association

    Researcher and practitioner of reverse cryptography and encryption technology

Expert Advisor Team

  • avatar

    Professor Michael Saunders

    Chief Mathematician

    Stanford University tenured professor, mathematician, world algorithm expert.

    Professor Sanders is currently a Fellow of the SIAM (Institute of Industrial and Applied Mathematics); Member of Invention Hall of Fame of Stanford University; Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand; had won numerous awards including "SIAM Linear Algebra Prize".

    Research and professor of Stanford University Department of Management Science and Engineering / Operations Research / Systems Optimization Laboratory / Computing and Mathematics Engineering / Scientific Computing and Computing Science, especially in numerical optimization, numerical linear algebra, linear / non-linear programming, sparse matrix, iterative solvers, constrained optimization, sparse linear equations, sparse least squares algorithm design and implementation.

    Research in multi-scale optimization problems in systems biology is among the world's leading level.

  • avatar

    Liu Yihao

    Chief Financial Advisor

    Strategy Fund Partners’ of Noah Holdings, CEO of Hong Kong Noah Fortune;

    former Chief Representative of NYSE Beijing Representative Office – The world No.1 stock exchange, assisted Alibaba to be listed on the NYSE during his tenure;

    had served as the world's most famous securities retailers and investment banks - Merrill Lynch (Merrill Lynch ,NYSE:MER, TYO: 8675), being Asia Pacific COO and the core leadership in China.

  • avatar

    Pan Yuefei

    Founder of Zinc Finance

    Founder of Zinc Finance, Co-founder of WEmedia, former Director of Cheetah Mobile Global Content, Editor of Sohu.

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2.Once a participant involves in the TOKEN distribution plan, it means that he / she understands and accepts the risk of the project. He / she is willing to take personal responsibility for all the corresponding consequences.

3.The project team has made it clear that no guarantee for any return, nor assume any direct or indirect losses caused by the project.

4.The TOKEN involved in this project is an encrypted digital code used in the trading session and does not represent the project equity, right of income or control rights.

5.Due to the uncertainties inherent in the digital currency (including but not limited to the macro-environment for digital currency regulation in various countries, the industry competition and the technical vulnerabilities in the digital currency itself), we cannot assure that the project will be successful and the project will have a certain risk of failure. The TOKEN in this project also has the risk of zeroing.

Although the team will work hard to solve possible problems that may be encountered during the project, there will still be policy uncertainties in the future. Before supporting the project, you must ensure that all aspects of the blockchain are understood and make rational participation with adequate understanding of the risks.